Employee newsletters

1. Employees are top priority

Employees want an interesting and informative newsletter to make them feel good. To achieve this, it should inform, motivate and entertain by reflecting the personality of your organisation.

2. Professional production

Whether you produce your newsletter yourself or seek external help, commit to professional production values and always publish every issue on time.

3. Edit effectively

Appoint an effective editor to ensure that the newsletter provides fair coverage of the whole organisation, with a balance of business and social reporting. Ask your people what they want to read about and involve them in producing articles.

4. Choose a suitable style

Design the newsletter and write the articles in a style that will appeal to your people. It can be friendly and exciting, personal and professional, with a mix of business messages and light-hearted social articles.

5. Plan each issue

Plan each issue before you start writing. Keep people up-to-date with what’s happening in the organisation by co-ordinating articles with other internal communication activities; include chatty, people-focused articles too.

6. Use regular columns and features

Include regular columns and features, so that readers look out for their favourite page each time. Write a series of articles or use instalments to establish continuity from one issue to the next. Ensure that there is a mix of new and regular features in every issue to create the right balance.

7. Enjoy your newsletter

Enjoy producing your newsletter as much as you want your people to enjoy reading it, so that it generates a feeling of community within your organisation.

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